August 9, 2008

A Moss Art Project

A few of us gathered together tonight to work on an art related Guerrilla Gardening Project. The stencil on the left was created from some large refrigerator boxes and will be used to help make the pattern of a giant tree with the city of Edmonton's skyline growing from its crown. The picture symbolizes the often overlooked link between the urban and natural environments.

Moss not Paint: What makes this project unique is that the image will be stenciled with moss. The idea is that over time moss will grow in to create an organic, living picture. A bonus of using moss is that it can always be removed easily without causing any damage.

We'd like to get more of these art based Guerrilla Gardening projects going in the future. Some ideas include hanging plants potted in recycled clothing in public view and having picnics on sod rolled out in front of fed parking meters.


  1. Wicked Gardener said...

    Wow - I'd be really interested in seeing how this turns out. How do you do? And what exactly is the blender for . . .?

  2. Oh My Love My Love My Love said...

    How wonderful!!!!!

  3. Dustin Bajer said...

    The paint is a combo of moss, beer and a touch of sugar... and love, don't forget love.

  4. juste je jo ici said...

    I am not clear on refrigerator box. Is it cardboard or thin wood? would moss grow on cardboard if it was shiny or brown cardboard. Sorry, just need details. since I am starting a project on shoes myself.

  5. drew said...

    Good project idea! Another thought would be to paint a design on this (like checkers) and then add moss over it, to become a "living paint". Good job, and keep up the good work!!!