August 8, 2008

Active Citizens Television (ACTV)

I just had a very productive meeting with Dan from Active Citizens Television (ACTV) (link effective Sep 12, 08); a up-and-coming independent media source in Alberta. I'd like to try and elaborate on what it is they do but I feel as though their business card says it best:

"ACTV is a non-for-profit, youth-driven, new-media initiative to educate,
motivate, and 'ACTV-ate' Albertans to discover and pursue sustainable living
practices and promote ecological consciousness"

Talking with Dan I could sense many similarities between the two group (ACTV and GG) not only in general goals and motivations but also in regards to the growing pains many new movements experience. As our meeting progressed it became apparent that there is much potential for collaboration. ACTV is interested in promoting our activities by creating and posting short films, articles, and helping us with resources and connections with groups similar in nature in return we help provide useful material and projects for them to cover. It truely is a win win situation.

ACVT is launching their website on September 12, 2008 (myspace available now) at a local venue (soon to be announced) and is interested in GG being a part of it in one form or another.

Here's to what will hopefully be a productive and effective partnership!