August 11, 2008

The Edmonton Journal follows-up on the Edmonton Guerrilla Gardeners first season.

Once again, the Edmonton Guerrilla Gardeners have made their way into the pages of the Edmonton Journal. The article is a general follow-up of a previous Journal article printed earlier this year and provides a brief overview of our first season as an organized group as well as some of our success' and failures.

Jennifer Yang, the author of both articles was quick to apologize for a headline (she had not chosen) as she felt that it misrepresented the story (We forgive you Jennifer). Although the headline, "Someone Digs Guerrilla Gardeners: All flowers surreptitiously planted have been stolen away" reads as though perhaps our effort have been wasted we are continuously reminded that the act of planting and the intentions behind what we do is often more important than the outcome. Due to the nature of our group it has always been expected that a certain percentage of our efforts will be uprooted, literally. In all honesty, if the headline is referring to the Jasper Avenue planting discussed in the first Journal article then it is bang-on as our plants did slowly disappeared from the site; likely into the backyards and planters of nearby homes (as long as someone is enjoying them). We have, however, had some great success as well, such as the planting of a crabapple tree (harder to dig up?) and in general the promotion of the group and act of community involvement through GG. The truth is, Edmonton Guerrilla Gardening is a sociological experiment of sorts  that we're learning from all the time.

Overall, however, I quite enjoyed the article and thought that it spoke well of our efforts, highlighted some of the struggles many new (especially controversial) groups face in their genesis, and expressed our optimistic outlook of the future.

That's not to say we're completely finished for the season. Many seeds and perennials can still be sown and transplanted in the fall to help kink-start another year of Guerrilla Gardening. A year in which we'll be a little more knowledgeable, prepared, and numerous.