July 12, 2008

July 12, 2008 The Old Strathcona Sapling Giveaway.

We had a very successful morning passing out saplings at the Farmers Market, Art Walk, and Rachel Notley's pancake breakfast in Old Strathcona. We handed out more than 160 saplings along with planting instructions and group contact information. I was surprised to see how many people were familiar with the concept of Guerrilla Gardening, the group, or both.

We still have a few less than perfect looking trees that would be great for Guerrilla planting. I think I'm going to walk around my neighborhood and stick a few in the ground; they may not all make it, but some should. If anybodies interested in joining me or taking on a few trees for themselves please get in touch.


July 10, 2008

Edmonton Guerrilla Gardening on C2C.

Here's a link to an article I was recently asked to write for connect2edmonton.com regarding Guerrilla Gardening in Edmonton. C2C is a rapidly growing online community that highlights the interests and passions of many Edmontonians and groups.

Make sure to check out the discussion posted at the bottom of the article.

July 7, 2008

Volunteers Needed

In order to help get the Guerrilla Gardening word out there and find proper homes around the city for our saplings we're looking for volunteers to help hand out our trees at this weeks Street Performers Festival and Scona Farmers market. Each tree will be distributed with a short 'how-to' and GG contact information sheet. Anyone interested in helping out, or having a few trees please contact theurbangreening@gmail.com

July 1, 2008

Canada Day Sightseers Take Note of GG Apple Tree.

As it turns out our little crabapple tree had a lot of company this past Canada Day. Located in a prime fireworks viewing spot 1000's of people joined the tree in a viewing of this year's display.

"I was wondering where that tree came from!" exclaimed a man who had set up camp next to the tree. Many others appeared to admire the tree while gathering in a circle around it while waiting for the fireworks to start. Perhaps with a little care and time the tree will become a popular gathering spot for such events. Meet you at the tree?

For more picture visit the Facebook group and click on Photos.