May 30, 2009

Edmonton Guerrilla Gardening in SEE Magazine

It would appear as though we've been getting some good press this spring from some of the local magazines. The newest, by Andrew Paul, shows a softer, more cooperative side of the Guerrilla Gardeners. 

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A quick note on the 118th Ave planting. This got off to a rough start with many nights of frost and some snow... it wasn't pretty. Recently, however, we (Dan, Chad, Mac, Tristyn, and I) revisited the site with some of our left over annuals. Many of the damaged plants were replaced and everything was given a good drink of water (Thank you for the extra water Carrot Community Cafe).

May 19, 2009

Nativescape Alberta 'Brings Back The Prairie' With 1 Meter Of Prairie Promotion

I'm not usually into plugging any kind of promotion or company but I had spent a little time at the Strathcona farmers market last Saturday talking with Trace from Bedrock Seeds about bringing back many of the native Alberta plants that we've lost when he started telling me about Nativescape Alberta's 1 Meter of Prairie Promotion. Essentially, a two for one deal on Alberta Native plants whereby if anyone purchasing a square meter worth of native prairie plants (72 plants ~$105) they will receive an additional 72 plants for free. It comes out to about 73 cents per plant.

A Call For Locations!

Hi Guerrillas,

We're planning a Guerrilla Gardening event to celebrate International Biodiversity Day (this Friday, though the actual planting will not fall on the same day). The Edmonton Naturalization Group and Bedrock Seeds have agreed to provide the group with native Alberta perennials. The only thing we need is a currently unloved, publicly visible location.

If you think you might have a location in mind please, please post it in the Facebook discussion board by following the link below or as a comment at the end of this post.

Facebook Discussion Board

Thanks everyone,


In addition, I'm looking for more people interested in taking on more of a leadership role in the group. I'm loving the challenge, and am more then willing but don't want to run the risk of spreading myself thin.

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May 10, 2009

Alberta Avenue Event a Success!!

A big thank you to all the Guerrilla's (not all shown in picture) who helped make yesterday's event on Alberta Avenue a huge success and to the community for helping us out with ten flats of plants! Dare I say our most successful event yet?.

On Saturday May 9th, 2009, the Edmonton Guerrilla Gardeners ascended upon two locations in the Alberta Avenue area:

First Site:

118th Avenue - 92 Street (South Side of 118th)

- Flower beds (annuals) against a construction site fence planted on either side of a Canada Post mailbox.

Second Site:

118th Avenue - 93 Street (North Side of 118th)

-Flower bed (annuals and native perennials) under a billboard.

To see more picture of the event check out the following links:

Facebook Link 1

Facebook Link 2

In addition, I'd like to welcome our 300th member to the Edmonton Guerrilla Gardeners Facebook Group! 

Happy gardening,


May 5, 2009

Event: Greening the Avenue (118) on Saturday