August 29, 2008

Seed Scattering/Bombing + Saskatoon Cuttings

Just a few GG ideas I thought I'd throw out into the universe for this fall. Anyone interested is encouraged to contact me at :

Event: Seed scattering/Bombing: 

Scattering seeds throughout empty planters, medians, and back allies. The fall is actually a good time to scatter many seeds as the frost helps break the tough outer coat allowing for easier germination in the spring. Seeds can be cast by hand or molded into seed bombs

I have many lupin seeds; they're a gorgeous perennial  but not native and not the easiest to grow. I'd like to seeing if we could find some suitable seeds to cast out into the city; native wildflowers in particular, but non-invasive non-native seeds would also be welcome.

Date: ~ End of September

Event: Native Fruit Tree Cuttings:

I thought that it might be an interesting project to take many cuttings from some of the native Saskatoons and Pin-Cherrys in the river-valley. Taking cutting requires clipping about 4 or 6 inches off the growing end of a branch. Best done when the plant is dormant, each clipping has the potential to grow into a new fruit producing tree.  Each sapling could then be planted along the river valley's edge for the future enjoyment of the cities berry pickers.

Date: ~ After the leaves fall.


  1. Lady Elizabeth said...

    Very nice site you got here :). I was wondering if you have any advice for me as I am trying to collect 10,000 seeds (vegetable, for consumption) for a charity project that I am working on and the deadline has been made earlier :(. I'm super new at this still but I'm eager to start helping people! please email me if you have any ideas, thank you!! :)