March 17, 2009

Seeds are in! Thank you Bedrock Seeds!

Thanks to a generous donation by Bedrock Seeds the Edmonton Guerrilla Gardeners are sitting on a nice little pile of native Alberta seeds. With some stratification and a lot of love, these seeds will be beautifying Edmonton's landscape in no time... not to mention increasing biodiversity, providing habitat for insects and animals, and returning a few natives back into the environment.

Here's a list and some information on what we have:

Gaillardia aristata: (Pursh common gaillardia):

Dalea purpurea Vent. (purple prairie clover):

Symphyotrichum laeve: (smooth blue aster):

Potentilla gracilis: (slender cinquefoil):

Hedysarum alpinum: (Alpine Sweetvetch)

Oxytropis monticola: ((yellowflower locoweed):
Plants for a Future

Astragalus canadensis L. : (Canadian milkvetch):
Bedrock Seed Description

Agastache foeniculum: (Giant Hyssop)

If you would like to help propagate some of the seeds above (or anything else) please contact me.

Dustin Bajer