June 3, 2009

Update & Upcoming Events

Hello Guerrillas, I have a few more updates for the moment. There is a potential for a lot of new projects in the near future.  

1) First off, we're looking for some more people to help do some watering in the 118th Avenue area. We currently have to sites there are are thinking about maybe doing another. It would, however, be great to have a few extra people (especially those living in the area) to help with the occasional water run.  

2) There is an old abandoned planter across from the carrot on 118th that i think would make an interesting vegetable garden, beans, tomatoes, beans, cucumbers, pears, etc. I'd like to partner with the community on this one as to help provide some regular watering (lest we find some more guerrillas in the area). Potential soil preparation this Friday.  

3) The Edible Food Forest Project is soon set to be underway. I'm currently waiting upon a local permaculturalist who has agreed to take a look at the site and help us plan it out a little. Looking to get going sometime in the next week and a half.  

4) Native plantings on Whyte. There are a couple of spots that I have in mind but I thought it would be great to take some of the many native perennial sunflowers (and other natives) on my balcony and find a home for them. Sites in mind: abandoned planters near Millcreek Bridge and along the old Esso station. Planting sometime in the next two weeks.  

Dustin 780.432.6181


  1. Unknown said...

    I'm writing for the David Suzuki Foundation over the summer promoting healthy gardens:


    Living in Edmonton too, I was excited to find your site. I would love it if you posted a comment on my blog and mentioned what you are doing so that more people will know.