June 19, 2008

Grant MacEwan wants to promote GG.

We've recently been contacted by an Amy who would like to introduce Guerrilla Gardening to Grant, I thought I would grab some opinions opinion. She writes:

"I work at Grant MacEwan College doing Non-credit environmental programing, which in a nut shell means brining in speakers and showcasing different areas of environmental sustainability to any of the demographics at the college. I am currently planning for the new semester (setp-dec) and would like to showcase guerilla gardening, i would ideally like to showcase it for a week with a booth and information as well as a "make your own seed bomb" station as well as have a sign up sheet for students to do a plant (all though because of legalities it would have to be one where we have permission on the land as this would be a Grant Mac sanctioned activity) but the real purpose is to get students invovled in the new guerilla gardening group... so I was wondering if we could chat and if you would be interested in collaborating with me on this, basically what i need is some information on the legal side of it (i would like to know how you guys did the jasper ave plant) as well as your permission and hopefully enthusiasm to set up a plant date and sight with you that the students could sign up for and then they would be hooked into your network as the showcase at the college would only be for a week and the real intent is to bring some awareness as well as send people to the community already started."