June 28, 2008

The Carrots: Community Arts Coffeehouse

The Carrot community arts coffeehouse is a community based, completely volunteer run, coffee shop located at 9351-118 ave.

I know, I know, this may not exactly be Guerrilla Gardening related but I couldn't keep myself from mentioning a most fantastic community run cafe I can across recently while scoping out a place to do some open mic. The entire experience was very eclectic; from a yodeling clown to a free roaming five year old girl dancing to the sounds of the open mic, the Carrot Cafe seamed to have an atmosphere like no other. One lady in the audience accompanied each performance with her own brand of wood-block, scrapper, brand of percussion; although not always in time.

Located in an area not usually known for its welcoming demeanor, the Carrot Cafe is a haven of creativity and community. It's easy to see that the volunteers and community members behind the project are working hard together to create a truly positively refuge in the 118 avenue community. A highly recommended experience.