May 10, 2009

Alberta Avenue Event a Success!!

A big thank you to all the Guerrilla's (not all shown in picture) who helped make yesterday's event on Alberta Avenue a huge success and to the community for helping us out with ten flats of plants! Dare I say our most successful event yet?.

On Saturday May 9th, 2009, the Edmonton Guerrilla Gardeners ascended upon two locations in the Alberta Avenue area:

First Site:

118th Avenue - 92 Street (South Side of 118th)

- Flower beds (annuals) against a construction site fence planted on either side of a Canada Post mailbox.

Second Site:

118th Avenue - 93 Street (North Side of 118th)

-Flower bed (annuals and native perennials) under a billboard.

To see more picture of the event check out the following links:

Facebook Link 1

Facebook Link 2

In addition, I'd like to welcome our 300th member to the Edmonton Guerrilla Gardeners Facebook Group! 

Happy gardening,



  1. Jason Treit said...

    Was fun. Can't wait for the next event. Somebody should go back and see how the plot's doing after today's, ahem, precipitation.